Best Diamond Cut for Engagement Rings

engagement ring on a persons handChoosing a suitable engagement ring with a diamond is much more complicated than it appears at first glance. Firstly, it is probably one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever buy, and secondly, there is a lot to consider when choosing a diamond. In the following I will explain what is important for the diamond and I will emphasize the cut of the diamond. I present the most famous cuts and give my opinion on materials that can be combined well, such as silver or platinum. Finally, I give away an insider’s tip, through which an engagement ring will stand out and attract attention, all of which is discussed in greater detail on

What to look for when buying diamonds

In general, the purchase of a diamond depends on the so-called 4C’s. These were established by the GIA, the American institute which deals with gemstones, in the late 20th century as the most important criteria. The GIA issues certificates for each of the 4C’s, which confirm the authenticity, because the differences in quality are minimal and not visible to the naked eye. The 4C’s stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat. Even if you should never pay attention to only one of the four criteria, I will specialize in the following on the right cut for the engagement ring and explain which cuts are more and which are less suitable.

The most famous diamond cuts for engagement rings

The most traditional and at the same time most conservative cut of a diamond is the round cut. There are good reasons for its popularity, as the round cut can improve the appearance of a diamond, even if it has minor flaws. For example, inclusions are easy to hide with a round-cut, and the color of a diamond is also optimized. L diamonds can quickly look like G or H diamonds through a round-cut, which can make a big difference especially on platinum rings.

Another well-known cut is the oval cut. Oval diamonds radiate strongly and look fancy without being pompous. After the round cut, the oval cut is probably the most popular when it comes to diamonds for engagement rings.

If you have read more about diamonds, you will have heard about the following three cuts, as they are becoming increasingly popular and are well suited for engagement rings. The first one is Emerald, a cut which is known for its elegance and is therefore especially suitable for petite women. The Emerald cut is good at making the diamond appear larger than it is, but for some people it looks a bit hard because it has clear edges and therefore looks a bit repellent. In my opinion this cut is not the best choice for an engagement ring, but if you choose Emerald, make sure you combine it with a silver or platinum ring.

The second cut is the princess cut, which is becoming increasingly popular. This makes the diamond appear smaller due to its square shape but looks very elegant. As with the emerald cut, the clear edges are a plus for some, for others they seem too hard. The combination with a silver or platinum ring fits much better than a gold ring.

The third and final cut among the rising stars is the Asscher cut, which has become increasingly popular in the USA and Europe. The Asscher cut is impressive because of its symmetry and its clear cut and is suitable for platinum as well as for gold rings, whereby in my opinion light materials make a more elegant impression.

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