Importance of Diamond 4Cs

wedding rings for married coupleThe other 4C’s should not be neglected

When choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, you should not forget the other criteria, as the choice of the right cut also depends on the other C’s. If, for example, a diamond in the L or M color category is purchased and is to be mounted on a ring with a light material, such as platinum or silver, it is important to choose a cut that hides rather than highlights the color of the diamond. Emerald, Princess and the Asscher cut are less recommended than the oval cut. The best choice for a diamond of a lower quality color like M is definitely the round cut.


The woman’s taste

Even though a study by the GIA states that about 82% of women in the USA find the round cut the most beautiful, it is strongly dependent on the material of the ring, as well as the individuality of the woman to be given a gift. Because the round cut stands for tradition and conservatism and is therefore not always appropriate. Emerald and princess are clearly more contemporary and, especially for women with a light skin tone, in combination with a platinum ring, they appear in my opinion to be much more elegant than the traditional, but perhaps also somewhat boring, round cut. Regardless of color, carat and clarity, in the end the taste of the woman should always play the most important role, even if this means that the diamond costs more money, because the round cut does not fit anymore.


Insider tip

A cut that stands out and yet is chosen relatively rarely is the pear shape cut. This is a combination of the marquise and oval cut and was first made in the 15th century. The shape resembles a teardrop and has a charming vintage look. For small women’s hands, this cut looks very beautiful in combination with light ring materials and will be an eye-catcher at every party. However, this cut is not common and therefore not everyone’s taste.



Besides the size of the hand, the taste of the woman, the materials of the ring, and the right cut, the other C’s of diamond buying should not be neglected. For a classic ring, the round cut is recommended, as it brings out the most from the diamond optically. For an extravagant, bold ring, the pear shape cut is recommended, as it is exceptional and rarely seen.

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